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The Sickest Entrepreneur That Ever Lived Is, Chris Fronzak?

Chris Fronzak or better known as Fronzilla, was born on November 20, 1989 in Florida. He is the lead singer for the metal band Attila, whose most popular album, "About That Life" (released 2013) was number 22 on the Billboard 200 charts. Attila is the most unpredictable metalcore band, and we love it. You never know whats coming next. Attila's most recent album, "Chaos" features eleven tracks all living up to its sick and crazy potential. There most recent track "Three 6", which was released on October 31, 2017, is better then all of the halloween candy anyone could have got.

Why Is Fronz So Sick?

Fronzilla's estimated net worth in 2017 is $5.5 million. That might not be a lot compared to other entrepreneurs, but it's pretty cool how he got where he is today all on his own. In 2011 he created the sickest clothing line, Stay Sick Clothing. They are known for there awesome #SLiMESQUAD hoodie. The quality of each hoodie is better then any designer brand. So far I love the "I Want Your Soul Pink Dipped Pull Over" and the, "Guided By Passion Spider Baby Blue Pullover.

Not only is there the Stay Sick Clothing brand, but there is also Stay Sick Records. That's right, Fronz helps starving artists just like he once was to become the best they can be. In Warped Tour 2017 Attila was one of the bands touring and Fronzilla was stationed at a Stay Sick Recordings and a Stay Sick Clothing booth. When it comes to his brands he gives his fans exactly what they need. The Last thing about Fronzilla that's so cool is that he has this cat named Carl. Carl isn't just any cat, Carl is a hairless sphinx, and a cut one I might add. Fronz always posts the funniest things about Carl on Instagram. Recently Fronzilla's house got robbed and he posted this whole story telling his fans about it on instagram. (I'm sorry and I hope everything is all right and everyone is safe.) Now it's 2018 and we are excited to see what Fronzilla has in store for his fans next. Plus, who needs a guard dog when you can have Carl to scare those burglars away.

Here is a photo of Fronzilla that makes you get a sense of his personality.


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